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Flight 182′s impact with the ground was documented 3/10ths of a second past .

so maybe U need a new lp guy at the Harrison store . The night i am writing this out it was only myself and one other person working with little to no help from any managers.In the past few months every time Im ready to check out there is only one or two lines open. Today there was eight people with full carts waiting on one register. I spend on average 00.00 a month in your store and today I decided I will not shop here no more. I just purchased another box of your mini candy canes only to find they are all broken. I have purchased moldy bread I have purchased slimy broccoli and your Meijer stores will not reimburse. When all these Meijer people say is oh I’m so sorry oh I understand oh that’s terrible. I have thrown away too much money at your Meijer stores.Reply Dear Corporate Management, I am a customer and I have been shopping your store at Westport in Louisville for years now. Among other things: Rotten potatoes on special sale.Today, Meijer is one of America’s largest private companies.They operate more than 200 stores in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.

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Here’s the record on Air (and can you get a more grisly website than that? San Diego Magazine ran an extended piece in 1998 on the disaster, and the aftermath.

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